United Arab Emirates



Hot, sandy, superb accommodation and food. What more could you ask for. We stayed in the Jumeirah Beach hotel which is great. Huge rooms, 18 restaurants and bars, every room with a view of the sea and the Burj al Arab hotel, just off shore. The sea was almost too warm to swim in, but the pool is kept nicely chilled. 

The only downside was that England were knocked out of the World Cup while we were here. Also ruined one blokes holiday as he was a Wolves supporter and the last person he wanted to meet was a Baggie.

Just offshore from the Jumeirah is the Burj al Arab situated on a small man-made island. The bit sticking out on the top-right is a cocktail bar which offers stunning views of the sea and Dubai. Chauffeured golf buggies run between the two hotels to save your legs. The name's Bond…


A miniature submarine takes you to the Al Mahara seafood restaurant underneath the Burj al Arab hotel. The restaurant has a massive marine aquarium in the centre where huge fish can watch their brothers and sisters being scoffed. Captain Nemo at the helm


Jumeirah Beach - fantastic


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